LipiView® is an imaging device that is intended for use by a physician in adult patients to capture images of the tear film. The following conditions may affect the assessment of a patient's tear film using the LipiView®.


  • Use of ophthalmic drops such as artificial tear lubricants, ointments and medications. Patients should not use oil-based ophthalmic drops (e.g., Soothe®, Restasis®) for at least 12 hours prior to LipiView® assessment. Patients should not use ointments for at least 24 hours prior to LipView® use
  • Soft or rigid contact lens wear – patients should remove contact lenses at least 4 hours prior to device use
  • Use of oil-based facial cosmetics around the eye
  • Eye rubbing
  • Recent swimming in a chlorinated pool. Patients should not swim for at least 12 hours prior to LipiView® use
  • Any ocular surface condition that affects the stability of the tear film. These conditions include disease, dystrophy, trauma, scarring, surgery, or abnormality

Following these evaluations, we will then determine whether or not you have Evaporative Dry Eye or Meibomian Glad Dysfunction and if you are a candidate for LipiFlow®.

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