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IStent Specialist

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Since glaucoma is a lifelong eye problem, if you have it, you’ll most likely become dependent on eye drops or other medications to control your intraocular eye pressure (IOP). William E. Whitson, MD, and the team at Whitson Vision in Indianapolis and Avon, Indiana, offer iStent inject®, the latest treatment for lowering IOP and reducing your dependency on glaucoma medications. If you have cataracts and high IOP, iStent inject may be an ideal solution to restore your vision and effectively manage glaucoma risk factors. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today to learn more.

iStent Q & A

What is iStent inject?

The iStent inject procedure is cataract surgery and glaucoma therapy all in one single procedure. During cataract surgery, which Dr. Whitson generally performs while you’re under a local anesthetic, they implant the tiny iStent inject device into your eye. You can’t feel it or see it, as the iStent inject is the smallest medical implant available, but it functions to drain fluid from your eye, reducing pressure from glaucoma.

The iStent inject is safe, effective, and it can potentially reduce your need for glaucoma eye drops and medications in the long run.

How does the iStent inject work?

Once Dr. Whitson implants the iStent inject into your eye, the device creates two openings between the front part of your eye and its natural drainage pathway. These openings allow fluid to flow more freely, thus safely lowering intraocular pressure.

The iStent inject is made of surgical-grade titanium. It’s preloaded into a single-use inserter that allows Dr. Whitson to accurately place the implant exactly where it needs to go inside your eye. Once implanted, the iStent inject works continually to keep fluid moving through the eye as it would naturally, so it keeps your eye pressure at normal levels.

What is recovery like after iStent inject surgery?

Since your cataract surgery and iStent inject implant are an outpatient procedure, you’ll go home shortly afterward. You need to use antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops as Dr. Whitson prescribes while your eye heals from the surgery. Recovery is usually fairly quick and easy, but you may need to take a few days off from work and avoid participating in any strenuous activities, including sports or lifting heavy objects.

Dr. Whitson and the team at Whitson Vision let you know when you need to come back for a follow-up exam to make sure your eye is healing and the device is working properly. Dr. Whitson may monitor IOP to determine if you can decrease your glaucoma medications over time after you heal.

If you’re considering cataract surgery and you have glaucoma risk factors, ask about iStent inject at your next appointment. Or, to find out if you’re a good candidate for this cutting-edge technology, call Whitson Vision or schedule an appointment online today.