Toric IolMany patients suffer from a common eye condition known as an astigmatism. Often an astigmatism can lead to blurred or impaired vision if it becomes moderate or severe. The cause of the blurred and impaired vision is the result of the eye's cornea or lens having an irregular shape. A normal eye's cornea and lens have a circular shape whereas an eye with an astigmatism has a more oval shape.

Eye surgery is not always needed for patients with an astigmatism. Most astigmatisms are not severe enough to warrant surgery and can correct with contacts or glasses. Only in cases where the astigmatism cannot correct itself and vision becomes too impaired is surgery necessary. Cataract patients who have a pre-existing astigmatism can benefit from a surgical procedure that can correct both the cataract and astigmatism. Cataract patients who suffer from astigmatism can request a Toric IOL to correct their vision without the need of contacts or glasses.

Over the past ten years, doctors have looked for ways to help correct astigmatisms in cataract patients. Surgeons have tried to alter the shape of the cornea by making an incision during the cataract surgery. Now, with the creation of the Toric IOLs, vision can be improved or repaired without more surgery. The Toric IOL helps to refocus vision to the eye once the natural lens and the cataract have been removed from the patient. The design of the Toric IOL is also used to correct preexisting astigmatism with the same technology as contact lenses. The Toric IOL has the ability to aleve patients from being dependent on corrective lenses after they've had cataract surgery.

Patient's who have an astigmatic problem and are candidates for cataract surgery can request a Toric IOL to help improve their vision. A Toric IOL can treat both the cataract and astigmatism in one surgical out-patient procedure.

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