RestorWhen we perform various activities throughout the day that require vision such as reading the newspaper or driving a car our eyes are constantly changing focus at various distances. When changing focus at varying distances our eyes need to accommodate. You may already understand this but as you get older this ability to accommodate gets more difficult. Typically people over 40 start to require reading glasses or bifocal lenses. Now that the AcrySof® ReSTOR® Multifocal IOL is available at Whitson Vision in Indianapolis, Indiana, our patients can see better at a multitude of distances.

The Acrysof® Restor® IOL was one of the very first premium lens implants that achieved a high level of success. Many patients speak very highly of this implant and many patients that wore glasses for year so not wear them anymore with the exception of a few instances. The FDA data indicates that 80% of patients were spectacle-free after cataract surgery with this lens implant. Patients often describe that they can see more clear and with more vibrance.

Who is a ReSTOR Candidate?

There are no known contraindications. However, based on the FDA clinical trials, Alcon, the lens manufacturer, has indicated the following types of patients possibly should not have the AcrySof ReSTOR Apodized Diffractive IOL:

FDA approval date:
March 21, 2005. It has been approved for use in Europe since April 4, 2003.