After your initial LASIK information request, the staff at one of our facilities in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, will schedule you for a free LASIK eye surgery evaluation and consultation. The LASIK consultation and pre-operative exams are one of the most critical aspects of the entire LASIK process. During this eye exam the practice will conduct one of the most thorough eye exams of your life. Your entire eye health will be checked in this dilated exam. The health of your retina and health of the cornea will be analyzed with our state of the art diagnostic equipment. Critical to your LASIK surgery is the thickness of your cornea, which will be examined in great detail.

After the eye exam we will also review your entire medical history to make sure that LASIK will still be a good procedure. If you meet all the necessary requirements for LASIK eye surgery then you will be able to schedule a time for your surgery. If affordability is an issue for you we have various financing options to help make scheduling as easy as possible.

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

Patients with common eye disorders such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism looking to escape the limitations of corrective eyewear may find that LASIK eye surgery provides a permanent and safe solution. During LASIK surgery, an ophthalmologist uses a special laser to reshape the structure of the eye’s cornea in order to improve a person’s clarity of vision. For the right candidates, laser vision correction comes with careful considerations, which involve weighing out both risks and benefits of having this refractive eye surgery. In most cases, the surgery is highly effective, safe and painless. Most patients’ vision is corrected almost immediately or the day after after LASIK is performed.

LASIK Indianapolis

The lifestyle benefits can be tremendous for active and social people. These benefits can enable people to more freely pursue their hobbies, sports activities or career options. During the LASIK procedure your eye is cleaned and prepared for surgery. Once you are positioned under the laser microscope your eyelids will be pulled back with a lid speculum to prevent blinking during the surgery. The surgeons at Whitson Vision use a mechanical microkeratome to make a tiny cut in the cornea. Through this cut a flap is made and then gently lifted back. Once the flap is out of the way the surgeon then uses the excimer laser to treat the inner part of the cornea. Once the treatment has been completed the flap is then repositioned over the treated area. By treating the inner part of the cornea the doctor is able to make a precise correction and enable decent vision shortly after the surgery. Within 1-2 days patients notice a tremendous difference in their vision. This process involves a skilled surgeon using only the best technology to get great results. Dr. Whitson is one of the most experienced eye surgeons in Indianapolis. Please be sure to learn more about his local credibility and experience as a trusted eye doctor in our community.

LASIK Testimonial

Hi Stacy,

"I just wanted to get with you and say thank you! And if you could pass along to Dr. Whitson, thank you so much! I can see everything and I went to my post op and she said everything looks beautiful! Best decision I have ever made and I will definitely be referring Dr. Whitson to anyone in the market!"

Thank you,

The Excimer Laser

LASIK involves the use of an excimer laser to permanently change the shape of the cornea, or the outer layer of the eye. The EXCIMER laser, which is a specific type of "cool" laser, generates its power from light in the ultraviolet range. It cannot be visualized by the human eye. Because the laser does not generate any heat, there is no thermal tissue damage as the result of the laser light. As the treatment with the laser proceeds microscopic layers of tissue, approximately 1/10th the width of a human hair, are removed. The laser is programmed to remove precisely the amount of tissue needed to achieve the desired result.

Things You Should Know About LASIK Eye Surgery

There are millions of LASIK eye surgery procedures performed each year just in the United States. A very large percentage of these procedures are highly successful with most patients getting 20/20 vision after surgery. With the vast amount of celebrities getting LASIK such as Jimmy Fallon, Jason Giambi, Michael Pittman, and 50 cent, it is easy to understand why LASIK has gained so much attention. Throughout all the fanfare patients often lose the idea that this is still surgery. Although the surgery is relatively painless and new vision occurs rapidly we must understand this is still surgery

  • The vast amount of LASIK technology hype has led patients to believe that LASIK eye surgery outcomes come from the laser equipment. Although using advanced equipment may have benefits the main thing patients need to be concerned with is the quality of the eye doctor him or herself and the ability of the staff to only treat actual surgical candidates. Not everyone is a candidate for the LASIK eye surgery procedure. The fact of the matter is that great outcomes directly depend on the surgeon’s capabilities. Make sure to ask your LASIK doctor about his or her experience and LASIK outcomes.
  • Using cheap discount centers that employ surgeons with very little experience, or who must churn out many cases daily for their corporate bosses, can be dangerous and limiting for the potential LASIK patient. If a practice is claiming prices that seem so low that it makes you wonder how they can do the surgery for this price there could be something wrong. Whitson Vision is a high quality vision correction center that only does what is right for the patient whether that be LASIK, lens implants or some other type of vision correction.

LASIK Cost and Affordability Issues

As we previously mentioned the cost of LASIK eye surgery can vary from center to center. At Whitson Vision we uphold the highest quality and technology standards of any ophthalmology practice in the area. Due to our dedication to excellence in ophthalmology we are recognized as a premium provider of vision correction services in Indianapolis. In addition to the experience of our doctors and staff we have made investments in the most advanced technology available. We want nothing but the best for our patients. Dr. Whitson has successfully performed tens of thousands of vision correction procedures and we continue to be ready to help others in this area. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or have an astigmatism, Whitson Vision can help you see better. For more information regarding our Allegretto Wave LASIK technology, please visit this page. 

If affordability and cost are a problem for you and you want the procedure please feel free to call us directly about our financing options. We understand that as a patient you want the best price. Sacrificing quality to do this is probably not the best idea either. Remember, these are your eyes and this is your decision. This is precisely why we offer excellent financing alternatives for LASIK patients of Indiana. There are a few insurance companies that might help with the cost of LASIK. If you think your insurance company might be ones of these companies please be sure to call us to inquire about this likelihood. Many people have medical flex plans they use to save up to 50 percent on their procedure by using pre-tax dollars. Your employer's human resources department can tell you whether you have this benefit. If you do not have insurance coverage, we do offer affordable payment plans starting as low as $69 per month for both eyes. It is easy to apply online and receive credit approval before you schedule an appointment. We also accept cash, personal checks, Visa and MasterCard.

Things to Ask Your Potential LASIK Doctors


Questions to ask your LASIK Doctors

We understand that the decision to have LASIK can be difficult. On one hand you want to make sure you are getting the best vision and on the other hand you have the cost barriers. Choosing the right doctor for your vision correction can be hard and that is why we are providing a list of questions that might be useful when interviewing different Indianapolis LASIK doctors.

  • How many LASIK eye surgery procedures have you done?
  • How many of the LASIK procedures were successful?
  • How many patients with similar vision to me get 20/20 vision?
  • Tell me more about custom LASIK and wavefront technology?
  • Why is your laser better than the others?
  • Is the Allegretto Wave FDA approved?
  • Do I have any other vision correction options or just LASIK?
  • Did anyone on your staff have LASIK that I can speak with?

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