I am so thankful Dr. Whitson and his staff told me exactly what was happening to me and what to expect to see after surgery. Other people I talked to from other Dr's had quite a different negative experience.

I had Salzmann's nodular disease on top of cataracts on both eyes. Dr. Whitson scraped the nodules off and when the eye was healed, he did the cataract surgery. Again, he told me exactly what to expect. The first nodular surgery was my worst. Very painful but was able to work 3 days after. The cataract surgery I was normal the day after.

Jane Gruber

Hi Dr. Whitson,

I want you to know how much it meant to me to be able to see clearly again. You are the best! I thank God for you and your kindness. I think you are a very smart man. God Bless you and yours. Take Care. I'm still amazed!



I had Lasik eye surgery 15 years ago at Whitson Vision and have been a patient since. Each year my eyes became drier due to normal aging. In late 2012 my eyes became unbearably uncomfortable. I began to have to administer eye drops hourly, use eye steroid drops, and use a humidifier nightly to get any relief. Dr. Whitson told me about a new procedure called Lipiflow which could offer some real and maybe lasting relief. He did one eye in January and the other in February. The difference is remarkable. I am only using Restasis and eye drops a couple of times during the day because I am at a computer all day. I would recommend Lipiflow to anyone who suffers from chronic dry eye as I did. It was quick, and painless.

Julie Reyburn

Dear Dr. Whitson,
I just wanted to say thanks for making a special trip into the office to see my son. When the high school nurse called and said she was concerned and really couldn't sleep over the weekend if she didn't know he was being seen, we were a little panicked. To be able to call you up and get that kind of personal service really means a lot and it's a kind of service we don't soon forget. Unfortunately, it's a little bit rare these days that people go over and above the call of duty like you did that Friday afternoon.

Thanks again.
Thomas R McHaffie

My greatest joy this year is as it was last year. Thanks to Dr. Whitson my eyesight is my most precious blessing again this year. My second cataract surgery was perfect. Thanksgiving some of us spent a couple of days in Kansas City. I was able to read the lettering on the hotel from five miles away. I had never seen the city so beautiful-it brought tears to my eyes to realize the improvement is so dramatic.

Mike Jenkins

I want to thank you for giving me back my sight. I will always be in debt to you.

Ann Robison

Dear Dr. Whitson,
Thank you for your excellent care of my mother. The restoration of her sight has had a hugely positive impact on every aspect of her life. I very much enjoyed working with you and feel we were lucky to find you.


Sheryl Robison

Dear Project Health,
I want to take this time to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude toward my eye surgery with Dr. Whitson. The professionalism of the staff from start to finish was beyond excellent. I was amazed at how well I had been treated being a “pro bono” patient. Dr. Whitson and his staff have allowed me to be able to improve my vision. I have not been able to see for the last four years. I had to try to work under conditions of not being able to see, which was a strain.
Thank you for helping me, my appreciation is endless to everyone.

Terry Bible


My experience was wonderful! Great doctor, staff and overall pleased with my choice to use Whitson Vision.
I had the Bladess LASIK. My experience was great. All my questions were answered, and I had no complications. Quick recovery. After about 2-3 days my eyes were feeling much better. Would recommend.

Shannon York