Front Desk

The responsibility of the front desk person is to be courteous, professional and efficient. The ability to multi-task and maintain professionalism is a must. Proper and consistent communication between all departments is required.

The tasks of front desk staff are as follows:

Check In:

Check Out:

Chart Prep:

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Ophthalmic Technician Job Description

Ophthalmic technicians do tasks that the eye doctor can delegate to others. Mostly, they are information gatherers and facilitators.  They do measurements and tests that provide the doctor with the information needed to arrive at a diagnosis and to prescribe treatment.  They also assist with documentation and patient services. Some ophthalmic technicians assist with surgical procedures.

Here is a list of common tasks performed by technician:

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Optical Manager

n optical manager is responsible for managing the office and its overall operations. Those in this position generally work daytime office hours Monday through Friday.

An optical manager will have a wide array of responsibilities within the office, including:

There are also various administrative duties, including:

Those in this position should always maintain a positive attitude and be able to multitask with ease. An optical manager should be friendly, welcoming, and professional with superior communication and management skills and a great eye for detail.

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Billing Clerk

DEPARTMENT: Business Office

REPORTS TO: Business Office Supervisor

Job Summary: This individual is responsible for accurately billing patients and insurance carriers as well as maximizing payment amount and turn-around time.

Education and Experience:

High school diploma or equivalent.

Minimum two (2) years billing office experience in a medical office.

Essential Skills and Abilities:

1. Qualitative Indicators
Ability to handle patient phone calls compassionately and efficiently.
Demonstrated ability to work well and get along with co-workers.
Capacity to demonstrate loyalty to the practice.
Initiative to complete projects.

2. Quantitative Indicators
Evaluation of accounts receivable printout to assess resubmissions.
Production of weekly patient billing.
Aptitude for ensuring computer system is accurate and updated.


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